Life is not established in order to win something


And simultaneously, while the autumn leaf is swaying to the ground, in another part of this place of this universe -simultaneously, at the same time- it comes out... it seems as if the same leaf that fell, that has crossed the interior of our lands until it becomes new here, and then it falls down again in these parts, and it greens again there.

At the same time, everything is happening as if -perhaps it is like this- everyone, everything is taking the same path, and nothing can be done without the help of the other, of the others.

But humanity, in its development, has been climbing, winning, collecting, storing... And while it was doing this, simultaneously it did not care, it did not console, it did not smile, it did not rest, it did not applaud. Everything was achievement, possession, mastery, control, and power. And simultaneously, there was nothing else. You had to add and add, and then multiply and multiply and multiply...

A terrified absolutism was rushing in, as if from the first moment it was the end of the world: "let's eat before it's over", "let's arrive before we leave", "let's get what we don't need yet", "let's consume in case there is no more"...

And the simultaneous wasn't there. And behold, when things were not as expected, the being went to the temple to beg the gods for his achievements -those he had achieved, and more!-; to relieve him of the dramas and tragedies.

Oh! It seemed it was impossible to carry the temple on one's back, like the snail that slides, without weight. Because, in proportion, it couldn't do it.

Oh! But the baton was chosen to get this, then that, then that, then -if there was time- that. Although our being demanded... -of course- it also demanded, at the same time, simultaneously, sounds, colours, sensations... But the priority of the achievements predominated.

And so it advanced and advanced... -advanced?-. This is how humanity went on: realizing what it was leaving, yes, but prioritizing what was interesting; fleeing from the uncomfortable... 

The important thing was -and is- the profits.

Until... -ah!- until, suddenly, like a bad roulette wheel… everything is lost.

And here the Prayer Sense warns us: and when everything is lost... -everything-, the conscience is there; which is what warns us, not that everything is lost, but that we have never won anything! Or rather: we have won "nothing".

But no. By disregarding the simultaneous -in our eagerness to win- we have deteriorated the mountain, the valley, the rivers, the subsoil, and the air... We have extinguished the singing of the birds. We have blackened the little shoots of green. We have taken away the importance and significance to so many thing!... and we have kept what was important. 

And now? And now, when a moment comes when all is lost, what is the answer?

The Prayer Sense warns us, from the consciousness, that "no, nothing": nothing has ever been won. It has been a selfish, arrogant and vain mirage.

Life is not established in order to win something. It is established to pass pleasantly in a permanent contemplation, with a joyful, simultaneous interaction.

It seems very difficult to assume.

It seems, today, impossible to exercise. But precisely today, seeing how the autumn leaf becomes spring, and how spring becomes autumn, one could listen to the Prayer Suggestion that "there is not something to gain", "there is not something to achieve", but, by becoming aware that "everything was lost", the way is not to repeat the same... one would say "feat", right? But it is not a feat now, as we are living it right now as Prayer. It's not a feat. It would be, "repeating the same clumsiness."

Without the project of winning, without the project of having, without the project of achieving, but with the consciousness of following, of being simultaneous!...

Does the drummer, when he strikes his drum; does he do the same with his right hand as with his left? No. But the left one knows what the right one does; and the right one, what the left one does. Meanwhile, he feels and listens at the same time.

The examples can be endless. What is surprising is that, in the face of so many examples, people have chosen to achieve, to acquire, to possess; not knowing how to serve; not knowing how to make use of what arises, of what appears. Because one must serve, and allow oneself to be served, simultaneously. 

And this is how we learn to pass through. A learning that is already written, because at the same time that we breathe and our heart beats, we simultaneously chew; and when we stop we can speak, and at the same time we feel, and simultaneously we think. 

Our physical nature does not rest. 

Its purpose is not to rest; it is to remain, amplify!, to expand indefinitely. But it is not for the sake of achievement, but for the sake of our nature itself. For the very need that the Universe shows!, in permanent expansion.

And so we can contemplate -from the obligatory lockdown- the great opportunity to, by seeing everything lost and nothing gained, make the balance of consciousness of discovering oneself in the simultaneous dimension of "a complaisant servant" and -simultaneously- of "an acceptor of service", like the simultaneous spring and autumn.

And this is how the consciousness will act as a guide of the course, a guide of simultaneous disposition... capable of dissolving the slavery of time, and listening to the echo of Prayer -"and listening to the Prayer echo"- which calls for another disposition; another one, which is the nature of being: that nothing disdains, that prioritizes everything. And it knows it is available, and knows how to take on needs, but it does not neglect his smile, his prayer, his consciousness of permanence by the Grace of Creation.

And feel gracious when doing! -which is like being born-. And to feel happy at the moment of giving... or receiving!

This crossroads calls for that leap. And throughout the course of the species there have been several demands, perhaps many!, partial, small, large, medium... And man has repeated the reconstruction, has repeated the stock market, the changes, productivity, and has once again felt proud of having achieved what he had before, or more.

And the warnings have been repeated in the form of wars, plagues, cholera, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions... Everything, from the Prayer Sense, as a warning, as a call, as a new opportunity. And perhaps that's why the partial or total cataclysm is repeated and repeated, as if the Universe were claiming our true identity, which has been overshadowed by personal selfishness.

If the joy of the spring shoot does not remove the ochre of the autumn leaf, we will collect both the winter snowflake and the gratifying sweat of summer.

And in that simultaneous perception, we can establish complaisance in each course; knowing, every time… –that must be continuous!- each time we consciously indulge ourselves, knowing that it has been “a Grace”. Feeling that Grace is with us.

The Great Puppeteer's string... moves. The Creator Mystery encourages and leads us to its Presence.

But even though it may seem that it is a journey that will be reached, we are warned, precisely because of the existence of Prayer, that we are in his presence.

But the awakening to it becomes complex, because the roots of power, of ability, of knowledge, claim. And again the ghost of arriving, reaching, achieving, getting appears.

Each time we are called to pray, there is the presence; there is the moment to contemplate; there we have arrived. But at the same time we continue, because there is no arrival, there is permanence.

And so, to the extent that we contemplate all the events, from the smallest details to those that we consider to be big, it turns out that there are neither small nor big, but that there are simultaneous details that carry us "on the run"..., as if flying: claiming for us the flowers, when we pass around them; the branches, when we elude them; the sand, when we step on it; the blue, when we contemplate.

Everything is a simultaneous call to feel as consciousness of the Universe... in a journey towards the infinite contemplation in which we are already!

But in consciousness one does not notice it, because one does not value what we have; because the being collapses in its criticisms, in its protests, in its dislikes, in its complaints... and does not fully see that it is wind, it is breath...

We are contemplated and we contemplate.

Being in that vibration, in this Prayerful vibration, will give us the impulse of the consciousness that are already there, but... they are repressed, abolished and hidden, because one became preponderant.

There is... one more opportunity... to understand it.





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